Take a look at TumbledMTG's custom rules before participating in a tournament! Also, unless specified otherwise, players must choose a single deck to use for each event, and edits are not allowed in between rounds.

TumbledMTG Weekend Leagues Edit

Every weekend (besides the first weekend after a rotation) a new league begins, lasting from the start of Saturday to the end of Monday (EST). At any time until the league is over, a new player can join it (for free) simply by challenging another player to a league game and reporting the score. You can only report one score per opponent. Visit the discord channel to find opponents and check the current leaderboard.

Free to enter! Prizes are as follows:

  1. 500 pts
  2. 400 pts
  3. 300 pts
  4. 200 pts
  5. 100 pts

Plus, at the end of the league, each player in the top 5 receives an additional 100 pts if they have played against the player ranked directly below them (whether they've won or lost against that player doesn't matter).

Visit this page to see what points actually get you (the short answer is cash).

Note: Losses and wins are both worth points! Visit this page for detailed information.